La Tzoumaz & 4 Valleys Skipasses

How to order Skipasses ? 4-Valleys - Verbier - La Tzoumaz


Complete your Skipass Order Form here: 

This year we are again able to prepare your full-price skipasses in advance (any time before your arrival), and as an added bonus, the passes will be fully refundable until the pass is first used at a ski-lift. Please note that we can only refund the entire pass, and we cannot refund unused individual days.

We will even remotely charge your existing SkiData KeyCards with your new skipasses, so you can already tuck them into your ski jacket pocket, ready to go before you even travel to La Tzoumaz! Otherwise we’ll print new cards for you and your new skipasses will be handed to you on arrival, along with your accommodation keys. 

TeleVerbier has implemented dynamic discount rates on their prices again this winter for certain skipasses. Due to the complexity of this system we are not able to match any discounts obtained on these skipasses, but are happy to sell you full-price skipasses anytime before your arrival. We would really welcome your support (by ordering through our website), however if you prefer to order from the main TeleVerbier website ( please note that these discounted passes are not refundable once purchased (even if you do not even travel to the resort), and please ensure that you select "Ticket Pickup" in the "Ticket Personalisation" section (ignore the delivery address) so that you can collect it from the La Tzoumaz ticket office, or postal to your home address. N.B. Your accommodation does NOT have a direct postal delivery service and any items posted to its address will be lost.

Understanding Verbier/4-Valleys Skipass Options 

Here’s a handy map explaining the different sectors: