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How to get to La Tzoumaz by road, by train & by air ?

Map of La Tzoumaz Chalets & Apartments

Our handy printable Map of La Tzoumaz Chalets & Apartments shows you where to collect your keys and find key resort services in relation to your chalet.  If you need help organising your travel, or if you get lost on the way, please don’t hesitate to call us.  Click on an image to obtain file for printing.

La Tzoumaz Chalet and Apartment Map

How to get to La Tzoumaz

By Road

Unless you are arriving between 16h and 19h on a Saturday, please contact us when you leave the motorway in Riddes by SMS or phone call (+41 79 679 5758) or by email (  This way we can make our way to the office to meet you for the key handover when you arrive. 

 The large majority of GPS systems are unaware of the road names in La Tzoumaz, although we have worked hard to ensure that at least GoogleMaps is aware of them. Our office (where you will collect your keys) is in the correct place on Google maps: 

 Please ensure your vehicle is equipped for winter as the roads are often snowy, despite the fact that the snow-plough regularly clears the snow from the road up the mountain and from the resort roads.  Cars hired in Switzerland or Germany in the winter months will be fitted with winter tyres, but taking the optional snow chains will give you the least chance of getting stuck or sliding into an accident.  Cars brought over from the UK or hired in Paris or Milan are unlikely to be fitted with winter tyres and so snow chains are essential.

By Rail

Best for: Small groups, those who don’t like driving abroad, anyone who wants to avoid peak-time traffic jams, families with young children who want to avoid stressful car journeys (under 6 years travel free) 

 Not for: Large groups on a low budget, people with more luggage than they can carry

By Air

This page shows locations of the following La Tzoumaz chalets and apartments to rent:
Chalet Alexia Chalet Ange Chalet Anna Chalet Aramis Chalet Ard Chalet Aurelia Chalet Aventure Chalet Bellevue Chalet Big Bear Chalet Bonheur Chalet Bourg Chalet Cabana Luna Chalet Californien Chalet Calon Chalet Catherine Chalet Cerf Chalet Chance Chalet Chant Foret Chalet Chapeau Chalet Charbray Chalet Chaupine Chalet Chocolat Chalet Claire du Soleil Chalet Clochette Chalet Coeur Chalet Colonia Chalet Couronne Chalet EDP Chalet Fauconnier Chalet Gentiane Chalet Grand Ours Chalet Grand Roi Chalet Grange Chalet Haute Vue Chalet Inchalat Chalet Ipsos Chalet Jessica Chalet Joli Chalet Khione Chalet Kookaburra Chalet Kudu Chalet Leopard Chalet Mandalay Chalet Manik Chalet Marmottes Chalet Mon Ours Chalet Mont-Rose Chalet No 58 Chalet Onni Chalet OnThePiste Chalet Orchidee Chalet Par le Travers Chalet PH 36 Chalet PH MSL Chalet PH Richemont Chalet PH Telecabines Chalet Pere Noel Chalet Petit Sapin Chalet Petite Arvine Chalet Sapin Argente Chalet Serendipity Chalet Tubber Chalet Vieux Bisse Apartment Arolles 704 Apartment Bellevue 207 Apartment Bellevue 211 Apartment Bellevue 527 Apartment Bosquet 20 Apartment Clairiere 102 Apartment LaForet 35D Apartment LaForet 42C Apartment Mont Parrain 19 Apartment MSL 1b Apartment Nevada 104 Spa Apartment Richemont 106 Apartment Richemont 124 Apartment Savoleyres 30 Apartment Savoleyres 31 Apartment TzoumAzur 7 Apartment Valena 5 Apartment Chatka Chalet Courterre Apartment Jorland Chalet Napoleon Chalet des Surelles Chalet Tanneries Apartment Ariana Apartment Arolles Apartment Bellevue Apartment Bosquet Apartment Choucas Apartment Clairiere Apartment Croix-de-Coeur Apartment Diana Apartment Gentianes Apartment LaForet Apartment Lupins Apartment Matins St Laurent Apartment Mont Parrain Apartment Nevada Apartment Pas de l'Ours Apartment Pierre Avoir Apartment Richelieu Apartment Richemont Apartment Rocailles Apartment Savoleyres Apartment Source Apartment Tzoum'Azur Apartment Valena La Tzoumaz rental Chalets and La Tzoumaz Apartments to rent.

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Home Partner La Tzoumaz La Luge AlpenChalets La Tzoumaz Cozee La Tzoumaz Chamonix

Home Partner La Tzoumaz AlpenChalets La Tzoumaz Cozee La Tzoumaz Chamonix
Home Partner La Tzoumaz AlpenChalets La Tzoumaz Cozee La Tzoumaz Chamonix
Home Partner La Tzoumaz AlpenChalets La Tzoumaz Cozee La Tzoumaz Chamonix